KLIXAR’s staff has experience in all major therapeutic areas, which allows us to offer a broad study experience and direct knowledge of trial requirements and risk management. This focus in select therapeutic fields allows us to collaborate more effectively with our customers and business partners and consequently provide the service necessary to efficiently conduct studies and ensure quality in outcomes.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”

Albert Einstein

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  • Because we make a concerted effort every day to ensure our business partners are satisfied with their investment.
  • Because we believe in the teamwork concept, with professionalism, flexibility and proactivity.
  • Because we can offer competitive costs.
  • Because our focus is the efficiency in the processes
  • Because we foster and facilitate open communication with our employees and customers.


Case #1 – Influenza study (NIS)

After a meeting held by Klixar with the Central Ethics Committee, Klixar defined the regulatory strategy which allowed accelerated start-up process, ensuring the start of enrollment during the flu season.

Case #2 – Uremic haemolitic syndrome (Phase I)

By conducting a detailed analysis of requirements, timelines, competitors, associated risks and cost estimations, Klixar helped a young biotechnical company to walk their first steps into clinical trials.

Case #3 – ACS and T2D (Phase III)

Klixar was selected to take over responsibilities (rescue trial) for an ongoing clinical study in cardiology (41 sites). The company managed to revert enrollment figures by building trustful and solid relationships with the investigators. Klixar accelerated enrollment and contributed with three of the mayor enroller sites in this phase III study, substantially reducing timelines and costs. 156 subjects were recruited over a commitment of 145 set at the beginning of the trial.

Case #4 – High risk subjects in cardiology (Phase III)

The sponsor invited Klixar to participate in a multinational trial which was being conducted by another CRO. The purpose of having a second CRO was to ensure that enrollment expectations would be met on time. Even though Klixar started one year after the original CRO, Klixar managed to recruit the same number of subjects (517 vs 526) with less number of sites (42 vs 45). This was possible due to three main reasons:

  • Close relationship with investigators and their study teams.
  • Continuous presence for the sites staff, providing quick support and fast response.
  • Fast decision making: Being a regional company, with less internal hierarchies, Klixar was able to make fast decisions which had a positive impact on the sites performance. For instance, there were critical delays in the export process from the countries of origin which could jeopardize the study recruitment. Klixar decided to identify and select local providers to ensure the availability of study materials.